Develop your mind

Although there are some sceptical people about this fact, learning a language is hard work and helps keep your mind fit. Numerous studies in this field state that “people who speak two or more languages have fewer mental illnesses”. Just as the Latin saying goes: mens sana in corpora sano.


Enrich your journeys

Have you ever felt uncomfortable listening to people talking and not being able to communicate with them? Can you imagine being able to communicate with local people wherever you go? Think about the amount of things you could discover if you learned a new language.


You will look sexier

It may sound strange, but experts affirm that native people find the accent of foreigners speaking their languages sexy. A foreign accent is attractive and therefore makes you special.


Meet new people

These language exchanges give you the opportunity to meet a lot of new people you would never thought to have met and with who you could build up a deep friendship.


Develop your career

Have you ever thought about studying abroad? Have you ever dreamed about living in another country, but you were too afraid to? Are you looking to find a good job? For all of that, you need to master another language. Nowadays, it’s almost mandatory to speak at least two languages if you want to find a good job. And the fluency in several languages is also statistically related to higher wages. Why wait to continue growing professionally?


Break barriers

Immersing yourself into other languages and cultures will break your schemes, will open your mind and will get rid of prejudices. All human beings and their behaviours are shaped by the culture in which they live. Examining your behaviour and comparing it to others may make you wonder if the thoughts and actions of your country are really the best ones, thus becoming more tolerant and open to others.


And after reading just some of the uncountable reasons… have we encouraged you to give Bilangus a go?

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